Review of TOMORROWLAND from Not Another Book Review

The first review of TOMORROWLAND is in, and it's a very generous one, courtesy of Susan Weinstein at Not Another Book great thanks!

"The highly inventive stories in this debut collection address a fantastic yet familiar world, where shiny promises of fulfillment fall flat, age disappoints and love is not exactly the answer. Yet these bizarre stories are funny in the best humanist tradition. Imagine if Tolstoy set The Death of Ivan Ilyich in The Twilight Zone and you have an idea of Tomorrowland [...] Joseph Bates is not just looking to be clever. He’s looking at the space in consciousness, where a person experiences their own inanity and self-pity disappears (if not fear and desperation). His characters have awe for life's mystery, minus the shortcomings of humans and their often less than intelligent design."

[Read the full review]


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