Judge a book by its cover, please

Advance Reader's Copies of Tomorrowland--aka very uncorrected proofs -- hit the Curbside Splendor offices today, giving me my first opportunity to see how gorgeous a job they've done with the book, including the phenomenal design by Alban Fischer. 

Alban has begun blogging for Curbside on his design process in a bi-weekly column called Color Bars, which you can and should check out here. His first entry is on Amber Sparks' amazing May We Shed These Human Bodies, a book I love. (Amber was also nice enough to blurb Tomorrowland for me, which I'll leak here in the coming days.) 

 So, after years and drafts and rejections and acceptances--aka, the Circle of Writing Life--these stories come together in a form I'm exceptionally proud of.  I can't thank everyone at Curbside enough, but I'll keep on trying.


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